A Websites Credibility

A websites credibility means a great deal when you are conducting research. There are many websites online that are credible such as sites ending in .gov, .us, .edu, or a states website (i.e .ca, .ga). There may be other sites, that don’t necessarily have the above endings, that could be credible. However, you will have to investigate the site carefully because many websites do have hidden agendas. Some websites may intentionally give you false information in order to promote whatever it is they want you to know. Its very important to look for references and contact information on any site you visit because usually the references and contact information will let you know what kind of site you are dealing with. References should also be trustworthy and you should actually try using the contact info just to make sure everything checks out with the site. While all of this may be helpful to anyone doing basic research, this is not feesible for college students.

College students should always look for scholarly sites and articles, when conducting research. Galileo is a great website for students in college being that Galileo is password protected and widely used in higher institutions. Also, it is not acceptable for a college student to do a paper based off searches from google.com because most sites are not credible. Everything on Galileo would be considered credible because not everyone can post information in their databases.


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  1. Jen D.
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 12:36:57

    You make a good point about using library search tools such as Galileo. It is important to note that not all of the databases within it are as credible as others. Really, we want articles be be peer reviewed, meaning others in the field consider them to make a significant contribution and to be based on relevant research/background information.


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