The Social Web

The social web has become a catalyst for collaborative  and social learning. The social web has turned learning into continous conversations among many participants. Take Twitter, a microblogging and social networking service site; it is one of the best ways to share  and discover information. Teachers have used this site to follow each other in order to: ask questions, give answers, link to great blog posts or resources, or share ideas for projects as they go through the day. I checked out this cool wiki recommended by Will Richardson , in his book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tool for Classrooms; the wiki consists of Twitter Collaboration Stories written by educators; its professional, yet cool.

Social bookmarking is another online service that allows educators or students to share. You can save links, annotate them with unique keywords or tags to organize them, and then share them with everyone or a specific group of people. The most popular social bookmarking sites used are and Let’s say a teacher finds a site on incorporating technology in the classroom, once she bookmarks the site on Diigo or Delicious, the teacher will then be linked to everyone else who has bookmarked the site. Now, the teacher has access to everyone else’s tags which she can click on and be connected to other helpful resources. It is really cool that educators can use social networks to share and retain information that will help them and their students learn collaboratively!

There’s a site called Classroom 2.0 that I found for teachers who are interested in bringing social media into their classroom. You can join groups for your particular school or grade level and find out about the latest activities!




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