Multimedia Publishing for the Masses

Teachers and students are broadcasting live to large and global audiences using live streaming tools,  podcasts, video and screencasts. I have heard of all these tools, but have never used them. Video publishing is one that I am very familiar with because I watch many educational YouTube videos on a daily basis. Youtube is very helpful because there isn’t anything you can’t learn how to do if you watch YouTube videos. They are informative, funny, and relatively short. Here’s a video below I think every teacher should see when in doubt of using Technology in the classroom or not:

Live Streaming is something I think is just amazing. Teachers and students can use live streaming to create their own TV shows online in minutes. I have found that many teachers use them to stream student presentations so parents can watch from home….how neat! There are tons of things live streaming can be used for. There is a site called SnapStream that teachers use for educational TV; this site also gives benefits of using Live Stream in the classroom.

Podcasts… Anyone can do it!

Podcasting, is my personal favorite because I know many people who actually use the web radio. Podcasting is just another way for people to share ideas and information that may be helpful to other people. All you need is a digital audio recorder, a server to host the file, and a blog to make a podcast. The Education Podcast Network is a great site that provides a wide array of podcasts related to education in any way. Teachers can find and suggest podcasts on this site; the main idea of this site is to bring together any podcasts that can help teachers in any way.

Screencasting is one step up from podcasting. As far as being used  in the classroom, it captures what a teacher and their students do on the computer with an audio narration to go with it. Teachers use screencasts as support materials when teaching complex skills on the computer. The video below shows you how to screencast….


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