You Know What I Meme?

Who knew that an idea, symbol, or phenomena which has become really popular or viral was called a meme!?? Memes are ideas that replicate and evolve and are spread from one mind to another through images, writing, gestures, rituals and other things which can be imitated(wikipedia). Take Fashion for example, someone has an idea about an outfit and they decide to wear ripped jeans and high heels, other people see this idea of an outfit and start to imitate the concept(s) they saw through images or by demonstration. This idea has been replicated because now people all over are wearing these fashion pieces. Take a look at the pictures below to see what I mean?

There are all kinds of memes from catch phrases to dances, according to Technology and technological artifacts are examples of memes too. I checked out several blogs about memes and a blog called  Viral One explains memes in the context of the blogosphere and IT. The blog Viral One tells what a meme is in the internet world and exactly why it is a meme. One example the blog gave was emails, which I found very interesting. Viral One says, “…just examine your e-mail inbox. It is littered with e-mails from friends sharing jokes, videos, stories and links that they want to share with you. Those are the memotypes of a meme, the content of the meme if you will.”

Another blog I found talks about ways in which a teacher can incorporate memes in their classroom. This blog, Digital Literacies, looks at memes as it relates to media and texts. The owner of this blog looked at several memes on youtube in order to get her students to understand the social implications of texts. Questions she posed after the students watched the memes are as follows:

  • Why is this text so popular/unpopular?
  • Why do people want to mimic this text?
  • How do the original meanings and beneficiaries (etc) change as a result of this text becoming a meme?
  • What is the main message or content of this text?
  • What is the purpose/function of the text?
  • What media are used to convey the text?
  • Are these the most appropriate modes and media for the conveyance of the text message?
  • Who benefits from this text? (e.g does anyone make money?)
  • What messages are prioritised and which information is undermined or
  • omitted? (Why?)
  • Does anyone suffer as the result of this text?

Basically, Memes are all kinds of ideas that can be used for a lot of different things. Teachers incorporate memes in their instruction almost everyday without even knowing it! Check out the video and meme sites/blogs below…I hope you enjoy!

Meme-ingful Education



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