Digital Media Project

By: Alicia Lockhart & Kantrela Price


Our Digital Media Project focus was comma splices. The reason we chose this project was because so many people have problems with comma plices even on a collegiate level. As future English teachers we would like to introduce comma plices to our students, before they start writing essays. It would be very beneficial to them in that it will help them become better writers. Sometimes it can be very hard to get students to pay attention, so we decided to incorporate a lot of pop culture in our assignment because this is something they are very interested in. Students will enjoy our video, while learning about comma plices at the same time.  When using very lengthy and complex sentences we have to admit we have misplaced or overused commas; so this really helped us out a lot. While this project was fun and enlightening, it was very difficult because neither one of us has ever used movie maker or recorded narrations over power points. First, we made all of our slides in power point; this took forever because we had to keep duplicating slides just to get the movie effect. We also recorded narrations over each slide; however we failed to link our narrations so they would be saved as separate files. We needed them to be separate files in order to import them into movie maker, but we forgot so of course we became devastated. We found a free recording program that recorded anything your PC hears, so with that we had to play our power point as a presentation in order to obtain our narrations as a file. Once we were done recording our narrations we began the lengthy process of uploading our slides and audio into movie maker. Once in movie maker things were less challenging we just had to make sure the audio matched the images so neither one would be to soon or to late in the movie. The final project was finally complete and while we were tired and drained by technology we were content with all our hard work. We plan on using this project in the future and possibly adding to it and making it better. We hope our students will appreciate our efforts in making our lessons fun and innovative because creating videos takes a lot of time and effort.  We learned a lot from this project, the main thing being, when dealing with technology save everything or will lose it —physically and literally.


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