Georgia Performance Standards/Video Clip Assignment

“The performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.” The performance standards isolate and identify the skills needed to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information. They also tell the teacher how to assess the extent to which the student knows the material or can manipulate and apply the information.”  –GPS

British Literature Standards

12th grade Literature & Composition Standards

Video Clip Assignment (below)

GPS Standards used for my assignments:

ELABLRL3: The student deepens understanding of literary works by relating them to their contemporary context or historical background, as well as to works from other time periods.

ELA12W4: The student practices both timed and process writing and, when applicable, uses the writing process to develop, revise, and evaluate writing.

ELA12LSV1: The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and group verbal interactions.

ELA12W1: The student produces writing that establishes an appropriate organizational structure, sets a context and engages the reader, maintains a coherent focus throughout, and signals a satisfying closure.

ELA12W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing.

Video Clips used for my assignments:

Assignment sheet as students would see it.

12th Grade British Literature

Name ___________________                                 Date ___________

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Then and Now!

Directions/Prompt: Now that we have viewed video clips of the 1976 and 2009 film adaptations of The Picture of Dorian Gray you are going to write an essay. In your essay you are going to compare and contrast the two clips; consider the different representations in each medium and as they relate to the novel. Were any of the major parts from the book omitted from either movie? Was anything extra added? Which film does a better job in capturing the historical context behind the novel? What does the 2009 film version convey that the 1976 version does not and vice versa? Be very specific (i.e. quality of the film, appearance, relationships, etc.).Your rough draft is due this Wednesday 11/10. I will look over your drafts and hand them back Friday. Your final essay is due next Monday 11/15. This assignment is worth 150 pts, if you took notes and made good observations you should do well. Remember, this page should be your cover page!

Actual assignment sheets as students would see it.

12th Grade Literature                                                                                (worth 100 pts.)

On the Set/Readers Theater

“My Fair Lady”

Directions: I will put you in groups of four or five. Once you are in your groups you have seven minutes to decide which clip (out of the three that we watched only) from the film “My Fair Lady” that your group wants to act out. Don’t worry any musical scenes will be cut from the scripts. Once you have decided I will give you the script from the scene that your group decided on. This is an in class activity and you do not have to remember any lines; it is okay for you to read from the script. At the end of your scene you will have one person (someone without a role or a small role) from your group explain to the class how the scene you picked from “My Fair Lady” differs from the same scene in the novel we read “Pygmalion”. You will have forty minutes to get this together; each group will present for about ten minutes. This should be fun!

Assignment #2

12th grade Literature


Dialogic Journal/Writing Assignment

Directions: Write a journal expressing your thoughts on the film “My Fair Lady” and how it differs from the book “Pygmalion”. Which do you like better and why? Does the movie do the book any justice? You are going to write this journal  as if you were writing to someone else that you know has seen the movie and read the book, ask the person questions and be sure to express your feelings and ideas. You have 3o minutes to write your journal; once the thirty minutes is up you will find a partner.  You and your partner are going to respond to each others journal. (worth 50 pts.)

Second set of clips for “My Fair Lady” assignments

Behind-the-scenes thinking/rationale for the assignment.

I am planning on teaching 12th grade Literature & Composition/British Literature, preferably Honors or AP classes. I chose “The Picture of Dorian Gray” clips because I am currently doing a Unit Plan on the book.Work smarter not harder! I plan to show the clips after we have finished reading those particular scenes in the novel. Another reason I chose this clip was because often times if a student is uninterested in a book, watching the movie or a part of it helps them get engaged and relate to the text a little more. I want to help polish and sharpen my students’ critical thinking skills, observation skills, and writing skills with the assignment I prepared for them. Students will get more practice in out lining and revising their papers effectively. I also want to show my students how things are portrayed differently in the movie adaptations of a book. I want students to able to recognize the central and underlying themes in any medium. Additionally, I want them to be able to master comparing and contrasting effectively using various aspects for example, the historical background of a particular work.

The second set of clips I chose was “My Fair Lady”, I will use these clips in conjunction with the  play “Pygmalion” by B. Shaw. I want this assignment  to help enhance  my students’ presentation, speaking, and collaboration skills. I also thought it would be neat to give my students a feel of acting out drama; they can relate to the text on a deeper level if they are acting it out, while having fun at the same time. I do not want to bore my students; I want to  keep them interested, most times students enjoy doing different innovative things. My second assignment, which is the journal assignment just helps students connect to the text on a personal level, while giving them a chance to write informally and relaxed. Letting them get in groups is teaching to them how to connect with others and learn collaboratively. I always enjoyed group work if everyone did their part, which is what I am going to stress when I become a teacher

Inquiries/issues my students may have:

  • How long does our paper have to be? 5 paragraphs, standard essay.
  • I did not take notes I need to see the clips again. Well, you will have to try and remember as best you can for now. The paper is not due today on your own time get to a computer and watch the clips again.
  • I took notes, but I still need to look at the clips again. Use what you have for right now; we are only doing the outline and part of the draft, on your own look at the clips again before turning in your rough draft.
  • We don’t have enough boys and/or girls in our group for our scene. Swap with other groups as needed; I have made sure we have enough boys and girls in the class for the proposed scenes.

Teaching Notes

  • I will propose questions and show students examples of the assignments prior to assigning the task to them.
  • I will need a projector in my class, if by any chance I do not have one I will sign up to use the computer lab for a day.
  • I will give students a rubric for each assignment.
  • I do not expect my students to ask a lot of questions because once I explain everything thoroughly they should get it because they are 12th graders, if not I will go over anything they may have a question about.

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